To provide innovative, engaging, and accessible wellness programs focused on improving the health, safety, and fitness level of the Prime driving fleet.


To build a culture of health and wellbeing by engaging our driving associates in wellness programs that support their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Owner Robert Low's Perspective on Driver Health and Wellness 

Matt Hancock, MS, EP-C

Matt comes to us after practicing in the health and wellness field for over 8 years in the Springfield, Missouri area. He received his bachelor’s degree from Missouri State in Exercise and Movement Science and recently received his master’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management from Missouri State as well. Matt started his journey in the health field as a personal trainer and certified exercise physiologist for 3 years before transitioning into the corporate health and wellness field. Most recently he worked at Mercy Hospital in the Corporate Health department as a Wellness Coordinator for several companies around the southwest Missouri area. .

Matt is looking to do some great things for the driver’s in the health and fitness program in the near future. The early projects will include revamping the driver health and fitness portal to bring drivers up to date information that they can use on the road such as; healthy recipes that can be made in the truck, exercises routines for any experience level, accountability programs to meet your goals, and support groups with question and answer forums so that you can get real time help to overcome healthy barriers you might be facing while you’re on the road. Matt will also be working on creating fun and exciting challenges, programs to get you moving, and educational seminars to teach you ways to “Hack” your environment to create easy healthy habits that can make huge differences. Matt always wants feedback about what YOU want in the driver health and fitness program so don’t hesitate to stop by his office in the upper level of the Millennium building to chat about anything and everything health.


Contact Matt
Office: 417-521-3473
Email: mhancock@primeinc.com


Sarah Waterman, RDN, LD

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Missouri State University. She began her dietetic internship in August 2017, where she spent 6 weeks at Prime working in Driver Health and Fitness. After the completion of her dietetic internship, she became a Registered Dietitian. She has worked in corporate wellness and healthcare in the Springfield, MO area. Sarah is excited to be back at Prime!

Sarah is looking forward to helping drivers with their diet in any way she can. She knows that drivers have more barriers to eating healthy but believes that making little changes can lead to big positive changes to health. Whether you have questions regarding common diets to education on better controlling diabetes through nutrition, feel free to reach out to Sarah.

Contact Sarah
Office: 417-521-3845
Email: swaterman@primeinc.com

Josh : Trainer

Josh received his Bachelor’s in P.E. Health and Wellness from College of the Ozarks in May 2014. The following summer, Josh joined Prime as one of our trainers at the Springfield terminal. This position helped him decide to peruse his Master’s Degree in Health Education. Josh is an upbeat, encouraging guy who will help anyone achieve success.  His passion for training shows through his vast knowledge of fitness.

Johanna : Trainer

Johanna started her career in fitness 23 years ago beginning as a group exercise instructor at a local club. A few years later, Johanna became a Certified Personal Trainer and a year after that, she came to Prime. Initially, Johanna taught kickboxing and step aerobics along with individual training sessions but soon realized we needed more exercise opportunities. With a few years under her belt, Johanna was able to add yoga, boot camp, ab blast, and turbo sculpt to the list. In 2017, Johanna will fulfill her 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certification.

This mother of four and grandmother of three lives to help people reach their fitness goals! Through her positive vibes and years of experience, Johanna can show anyone that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and VERY rewarding!

Anita : Trainer

Anita started her fitness career over 25 years ago teaching a variety of classes at a local YMCA. She is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. Her dream was to have her very own gym. In 2007 that dream came true when she opened a fitness in the Pittston area. Anita came to Prime after the closing the gym in 2012.

Anita is committed to helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Her mantra, “Make fitness part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth.”