Prime Transformation  Thursday, January 30, 2014



Prime has over 6,ooo drivers. According to national statistics, approximately 69% of them are obese.  According to the Center For Disease Control’s Obesity Cost Calculator, Prime’s annual cost of obesity due to medical and work loss costs is $6,007,000. This does not include accidents that are related to obesity through sleep apnea and driver fatigue. Since Prime uses the lease-operator model, that means that a significant amount of the costs related to obesity are passed on to the lease operators who lose income from downtime and paying 100% of their health insurance. It is estimated that obese individuals pay an additional $1,400 more per year on related health care expenses. As a business owner, it makes sense to offer and participate in a Driver Health and Fitness program. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the healthy thing to do. And it is the profitable thing to do.


In the first year of Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) Program, 229 drivers applied for the program, 149 drivers enrolled and 61.7% completed the program. Their average weight loss was 20.3 lbs. in twelve weeks, or 1.6 lbs. per week. That’s an average decrease of 7% of a driver’s body weight resulting in a decreased risk for 60 medical disorders including 12 cancers. These fantastic results earned Prime the


2013 Kraft Director’s Award for Contributions to Health and Wellness;


and three awards at the Healthy Truckins Association of America 5th Summit;


as well as the 2014 CES Digital Health Summit’s Every Day Health Award for the Healthiest Company.


Prime was also featured in the April 2014 edition of Men’s Health magazine. 


More importantly we proved that the DHF methods work and that any driver can do them!


The Prime Transformation program was created to provide all Prime drivers an opportunity to participate in the Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) Program. Enrollment is open and ongoing throughout the year. There’s no fees, no cost and no Orientation to attend. Plus, there are incentives!


The goal of the program is to reduce the BMI of the Prime fleet.  To do this, we will need each and everyone of you to participate. If you are a “normal” weight driver, there are incentives for you, too!


To find out more about the Prime Transformation program, click here