DOT Physical Reminder

DHF sends a Qualcomm message to each driver within 90 days of their DOT Physical expiring. Our hope with this message is to get you more involved in leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether you need encouragement to take your medications on time, lose weight or become 100% compliant with your CPAP, we are here to assist you in passing your physical.

Ask us to design you a personalized workout plan, to analyze your nutrition, or to provide you with ENDLESS amounts of inspiration! Tell us what you need from us, to make YOU, healthier. We are your support system!

To schedule your physical, please call Trinity Healthcare at 417-521-3925.

13 week program

The 13 Week Program is provided through our contractor, Fitness Trucking.


  1. At orientation, purchase program equipment including heart rate monitor watch, program manual, chronometer subscription, Tanita Body Composition scale, and Skimble Active Trucker program.
  2. Participate in one day orientation at Prime, inc. in Springfield, MO.  Usually scheduled on the 2nd Thursday and Friday of each month.
  3. Successfully log nutrition each day.
  4. Successfully log 15 minutes of daily exercise and record heart rate.
  5. Complete weekly weigh-ins.
  1. Payment plan of $270 arranged at orientation to be deducted AFTER orientation
    1. Option A: $270 One-time payment from settlement
    2. Option B: $90 weekly payment from settlement for 3 weeks
    3. Option C: $54 weekly payment from settlement for 5 weeks
  2. $62.97 of $339 due at or before orientation
    1. $2.99 Cronometer app
    2. $29.99 Active Trucker Phase I (Exercise program on Skimble app)
    3. $29.99 Active Trucker Phase I (Exercise program on Skimble app)
  3.  Reimbursement
    1. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be reimbursed the full $339.
Download Payment Form Here
Click here to fill out our 13 week program registration Form

4 Minute Fit Concept

About The Concept

Join the 4 Minute Movement at Prime! This two hour class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to turn your metabolism on before you drive and keep it on while you drive so that you are burning fat as you drive.  It is also designed to give you the right information you need to know as a truck driver to protect yourself from obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is not the average, general information that everyone gets. This is information specific to you and your occupation that was developed right here at Prime over the last 4 years. The 4 Minute Movement is an effort to make sure every driver at Prime is taking 4 minutes before they start driving to turn on their metabolism. By doing this, you can expect to lose 10 lbs. very quickly or at least prevent any weight gain. The goal is to have every driver at Prime VOLUNTARILY complete the class this year and set an example for all of America. Prime cares about its drivers and Prime drivers care about each other and EVERYONE is contributing 4 minutes a day to win the War Against Obesity right here at home!
Informational classes are held weekly from 3:45 to 5:45, Tuesday and Wednesday in the east conference room in the Springfield terminal.