Everybody. Everyday. Quick Break Routines

We know that you have limited time to move and exercise while you're on the road. It's just not ideal to take the small amounts of time that you have and fill them full of moving and working out. BUT, if you value your health, being able to drive, making money, and want to enjoy each day to its fullest YOU WILL find time to be healthy. Below I've taken the breaks that will be in your everyday routine during a typical work day and I've created programs that will fit into those time slots that can be done inside or outside of your truck. Use these to get your health moving in the right direction again. 

lunch time grinders

These workouts can be done inside or outside of your truck. Aim to complete the movements for 5-10 minutes out of your 30 minute break with minimal to no rest between each exercise. Once done with a full round, start again and cycle back through exercises until your time has expired. Try to alternate through these routines 3 times per week on your lunch breaks.

Team driver 8 minute switch routine

These workouts can be done whenever you get out to switch drivers. If both drivers do the workout, you'll alternate exercises by the minute. Just pick 4 exercises to do below, and have each person do them for one minute alternating. One driver will work while the other rests for each exercise. Each person will accumulate 4 minutes of exercise in that 8 minute span. If only one driver does the workout then it can be cut down to 4 minutes without any rest periods. 

Pre/Post Inspection Routine

Part of your day is to start the day with a pre-trip inspection of your truck and end your day with a post-trip inspection of your truck. This workout routine is to be done around your inspection since you'll already be up and walking around your truck any way. Just a simple 4 minutes of different exercises at the pre and post trip inspection can add up to burn major calories, and also help to wake you up before you start the day and lead to weight loss if performed daily. Following the routine below will help rev up your metabolism and help you to start burning fat while you drive each day without taking time away from your work day.

Pre trip inspection routine

Choose 1-2 exercises from the list below and perform them for 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. That's four minutes of total work for one exercise. If you picked two exercises it would equal 8 minutes. Aim to do at least one exercise during both your pre-trip/post trip inspection. Choose your exercises from the list below or find another one you like. Any sort of movement can be used for exercises. Even a slow jog. The best way to time this is to get a TABATA timer on your phone. It will buzz and have countdowns for each round and makes it simple to track your exercise breaks.