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golds gym 

Prime Employees
Interested in a Gold’s Gym Fitness Perk?

Prime Employees and Family Members are eligible for $5.00 Off Monthly Dues.

Bring Proof of Employment when you enroll at the gym!

$50 Enrollment, $49 Annual fee, Month-to-Month Commitment

Starting At

Employees: $34.99/person(+tax) Monthly

Family Members: $34.99/person(+tax) Monthly

Membership Includes:

Unlimited ACCESS to corporate Gold's Gym locations!

For Locations Visit:

All Members receive an initial Fitness Profile including a personalized 30-day plan and Monthly Gold’s 3D Body Scans!

Gym Amenities Include:
Lap Pools, *Kids Club, Basketball Courts, Cardio Cinemas, Saunas, Hot Tubs, Free Group Exercise Classes, *BOOTCAMP, *Gold’s STUDIO, *Personal Training and more!

Download Gold’s AMP, our digital personal training app that coaches you any time, any place! For more information visit:


Go To:

For a Gold’s Gym near you!

*Services including Kids Care & Personal Training are subject to additional fees.

-Additional Membership Options Available-


anytime Fitness

Prime DRIVers
Any day... any night... ANYTIME fitness!!

Prime Drivers and Family Members are eligible for $16.99 bi-weekly payments!

*Must sign up at the following location:

319 Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65807

Appointments encouraged to sign-up: (417) 719-4292

Bring Proof of Employment when you enroll at the gym!

$35 Enrollment, No Annual fee, $25 Key

Starting At

Employees: $16.99/person(+tax) Bi-weekly

Family Members: $16.99/person(+tax) Bi-weekly

Membership Includes:

Unlimited ACCESS to over 4,000 Anytime Fitness locations!

Find Locations Near You

All Members receive initial FREE Personal Training Sessions and a Get Started Plan!

Gym Amenities Include:
24 Hour Access, 24 Hour Security, Convenient Parking, Worldwide Club Access, Private Restrooms and Showers, Tanning, Supplements, Specialized Classes, Virtual Coaching, Functional Training Equipment, Full Cardio Sections, Strength and Free Weights Sections, and Virtual Fitness Classes!!


Sign Up Now!!

*Once you sign up locally you will then have access at over 4,000 sites nationwide. 

Dynamic dna

Dyamic DNA offers individualized programs like no other. As a Prime Driver don't miss out on this opportunity to take an in-depth dive into the Nutrition DNA test and Fitness DNA test at a fraction of the usual price. Added bonus: Bring your results into your Driver Health and Fitness Coordinator and have an in-depth consult and get a fitness and nutrition plan based on your results!!

Prime Driver Pricing

DNA Fitness Test: $119

DNA Nutrition Test: $119

DNA Combo Fitness/Nutrition Test (Best Value): $199 

Sign up online at and use discount code PRIME2020 to get above rates.

Nutrition DNA Test

The Fitness and Nutrition DNA Panels will help you discover genetic traits related to your diet, fitness and general wellness. The genes in our DNA help control virtually every aspect, from how your body processes sugar, metabolizes fat, absorbs vitamins, and reacts to exercise.

Stop the guess work of dieting and find out what works for you. Our Dynamic Nutrition DNA test will help you discover:
  • Optimal diet type for weight loss
  • Reactions to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and lactose
  • Predispositions for metabolic rate, cholesterol & blood sugar
  • Determine nutritional needs for vitamins & folate

How to sign up: Contact DHF Coordinator Matt Hancock:

Fitness DNA Test 
The Dynamic Fitness DNA test will help you discover:

• The best exercise program for weight loss
• Key traits for muscle energy, recovery, and fatigue
• Body fat response to exercise
• Traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide & vascular function

How to sign up: Contact DHF Coordinator Matt Hancock: