Break Time Exercise Videos

Break time videos are exercise routines that can be done any time, but are specifically made so that they can be done inside or outside your truck in as few as 3-7 minutes. We know your time is tight on the road. Don't think you need to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to exercise in order to see benefits. Just make it a goal to move for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day. We hope you enjoy these routines!

3 Minute Routine

Crunched on time? Try this 3 minute burner out. It's simple, effective, and will help you break a sweat! 

4 Minute In-Truck Routine

Follow along with Sarah as she takes you through a 4 minute fat burning workout guaranteed to stoke that metabolism while you're behind the wheel. 

5 Minute Routine

Can you work your abs for 5 minutes straight?! Get your summer beach bod ready and provide some low back pain relief with this routine. 

6 Minute In-Truck Routine

Sometimes all you need is a bed platform, and your bodyweight for an all-out assault on your muscles. Do this full body routine and you'll feel muscles you never thought you had!

7 Minute Amrap

7 minutes...It doesn't seem like much but with non-stop movement it will not only wake you up better than coffee or energy drinks, but it will also help you shed weight and pack on muscle to help burn fat fast!

Truck stop burner

Check out this 4 minute workout routine and follow Dietitian Sarah as she takes you through how to make a healthy meal out of truck stop snacks!!

Let's get bendy

Our Prime personal trainer Johanna is here to show you some of her go-to moves to keep your back pain away and to help you get flexible. Proven ways to prevent those aches and pains from sitting behind the wheel all day. Enjoy!

Metabolism Booster

Follow along as Matt teaches you how to use your surroundings to get jacked arms and toned legs in this short exercise routine. Dietitian Sarah also takes you through how to piece together a cheap, healthy truck stop meal option that tastes delicious.

Back pain no more

Today's routine is all about stretching your back pain away. Do this quick 4 minute routine either inside or outside your truck and notice the difference it makes. DHF Dietitian Sarah also takes you through how to choose the best healthy beverages for weight loss and overall health. Check it out!!

A Balance act

Life is all about balance, and so is today's routine. Balance, some running, and an 8 minute workout routine that'll make you sweat. Follow along with Sarah as she takes over our NorthStar Cafe to dig into some healthy meals you can make at our Prime terminal too. 

Core crusher

Have you ever done a workout that makes you feel muscles you never thought you had?! Well that's what today's routine is all about. Learn some new movements using only a band and a street pole. Follow along as our DHF Dietitian Sarah takes you through how to make an easy grab and go lunch using some healthy, tasty foods!

Everybody. Everyday. Quick break routines

We know that you have limited time to move and exercise while you're on the road. It's just not ideal to take the small amounts of time that you have and fill them full of moving and working out. BUT, if you value your health, being able to drive, making money, and want to enjoy each day to its fullest YOU WILL find time to be healthy. Below I've taken the breaks that will be in your everyday routine during a typical work day and I've created programs that will fit into those time slots that can be done inside or outside of your truck. Use these to get your health moving in the right direction again. 

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Being crunched for time on the road is a major concern when trying to exercise. Try the body weight exercise routines below throughout the day. Try to get at least two 5 minute sessions in a day for 3-4 days a week. As you make exercise a habit you can progress to the longer and harder workout routines. It usually takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks to see consistent results so learn to stay patient and dedicate yourself to the process. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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If you find yourself having more time in the day to exercise and want to see better results faster try these 7 minute workouts on for size. Complete each exercise in succession, then begin again at the beginning. Complete as many exercises as you can in 7 minutes. Just for fun, record your progress each workout so that down the road you can come back to it and see how much progress you’ve made!

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The longer and more times you workout, the faster you’ll typically see results for whatever your goals might be. Aim to get 20-30 minutes of exercise in each day. This doesn’t have to be all at once. It can be broken up into whatever time slots you have available. According to science, it takes 66 days to make a habit stick. Dedicate yourself to the process. Do this exercise routine all the way through before taking any rests. If you need to take a breather, do it after a whole round and aim to keep it under 60 seconds. Complete as many exercises as possible for 10 minutes.

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20 minutes of exercise is getting into the sweet spot of how much we want to exercise on a daily basis. It is recommended for optimal health and weight loss that we get 150 minutes a week of physical activity. This doesn’t happen all at once though. Aim to increase your time each week starting with the shorter workouts. Your intensity and heart rate will be lower for this longer 20 minute session, which means more fat loss. Try to set a goal to do a full round before resting for 1:00-1:30 minutes.

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Tabata Training 

Looking for a fast paced, fat burning workout that only lasts four minutes?! Look no further. Pick any exercises and complete them randomly for 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest to get a great workout in when you're in a crunch. 

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Back pain? Try this routine

You’d think that if you’re not straining your muscles, lifting heavy objects, or performing some demanding athletics that push you to your limit, you should be fine. After all, if you’re just sitting, you’re relaxing, right? Why should this cause back pain?

Most sitting positions—especially in a truck that is shaking and vibrating—put your body into a posture that is not all that healthy. Your back is bent in a “C” posture that actually puts a strain on certain muscles and ligaments. If you were just watching a movie this way for an hour or two, it wouldn’t be so problematic, but if you’re driving for hours at a time like this, for days, this really begins to add up for your back. This can eventually result in not just back pain, but neck pain and even leg pain if your circulation starts to get affected.

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Most people can tell you that exercise is an important component of healthy living whether they participate in it themselves or not. What does that typically include? Walking, jogging, playing sports or going to the gym for a cardio or weightlifting session? While all of these things are a great way to get exercise in, many people neglect one of the most important components of health and fitness; stretching! As we age it becomes more and more vital to maintain mobility and flexibility to not only protect ourselves from injury and keep muscles and joints in good condition but also to maintain our ability to perform the daily tasks of living.

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Strength Training

At its core, weight training will primarily help you build muscle. As you build that muscle, you’ll reap other benefits, too. First off, you’ll insulate your body against injuries; the more muscle you build, the more you’ll help tighten and stabilize your joints. This is especially true for two of your largest ball-and-socket joints, the hip and shoulder. Building muscle in the right places can help stabilize both joints, which often grow brittle with age and lack of use (which happens frequently in today’s desk job-driven culture). Additionally, while weight training alone may not speed fat loss, the gains that come with weight training will indirectly assist in your fat loss. A more muscular frame will have a faster metabolism, speeding regular calorie burn and helping you burn more fat throughout the day. But the weight training process takes time though so prepare yourself for consistent action on a weekly basis.

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Strength Training Routine

The following exercise routine will introduce you to the world of strength training. This method of training is great to add into your exercise routine to introduce some variety to your training. Strength training will do wonders for your bones, joints, and tendons if done properly.

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In-truck "ripped and fit" exercise routine

A lot of times your workout hopes can be dashed when mother nature decides it should rain, snow, or be crummy outside. Have no fear! Use this workout on those crummy days to keep your fitness goals on track. It also works great for team drivers when you're always on the move. It can all be done on your bed platform. Just flip your bed up, and use the platform underneath for all the exercises. The key with this routine is intensity. The more effort you put into it the more you'll get out of it.

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Complete the following exercises with good form for 5 minutes straight. Once you are able to do it all the way through, add another round in to get really get your core stronger. This can be done in the cab of your truck or outside your truck on a mat on the ground.

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