Strength Training Exercise Routines

Strength Training

At its core, weight training will primarily help you build muscle. As you build that muscle, you’ll reap other benefits, too. First off, you’ll insulate your body against injuries; the more muscle you build, the more you’ll help tighten and stabilize your joints. This is especially true for two of your largest ball-and-socket joints, the hip and shoulder. Building muscle in the right places can help stabilize both joints, which often grow brittle with age and lack of use (which happens frequently in today’s desk job-driven culture). Additionally, while weight training alone may not speed fat loss, the gains that come with weight training will indirectly assist in your fat loss. A more muscular frame will have a faster metabolism, speeding regular calorie burn and helping you burn more fat throughout the day. But the weight training process takes time though so prepare yourself for consistent action on a weekly basis.

Your results will depend on many factors, including your starting point, your age, and your nutrition. Don’t expect to look like a superhero in a month, no matter what the internet tells you, because building muscle takes time, and the aesthetics are often the last thing to come. You’ll see progress in other regions too. Expect to see your coordination and body control improve just a few weeks after you start weight training, and you’ll see yourself moving heavier weights rather quickly. You’ll also enhance overall body coordination as you gain increased control over the muscles you train.

Eventually, however, you’ll hit a plateau. A “plateau” occurs when you stop seeing rapid progress in your training. This can occur in weight training or in any other brand of training in the gym. Plateaus are hard to get past, even for seasoned lifters. Generally, they occur because the body has grown too familiar with the current training protocol and needs a new workout, so often, changing the order of exercises, the training style, or even the tempo of each rep can assist you in crushing a plateau.

SOOOO, wondering what kind of program you should do to start seeing these amazing results?? See below for a 3 day/week program aimed at increasing strength and leaning out your body composition.


Repetition- A repetition, or “rep” is a complete motion of a particular exercise. For example, a rep of a pushup starts with your arms straight holding yourself off the floor, lowering your body down, then pushing back up. Repeating 10 pushups means you completed 10 reps.

Set- A set is the specific number of reps you perform before you rest. Two sets of bench press performing 12 reps, means you completed 12 reps of bench press, two separate times.

Superset- This means completing two or more exercises back to back with no rest between sets. Supersets can use the (1) same muscle group, such as performing bench press immediately followed by pushups, (2) opposing muscle groups (meaning push muscles vs. pull muscles) like a chest exercise followed immediately by a back exercise, (3) unrelated, such as upper body then lower body.


Day One-

A1.) DB Floor Press 3 10   None  
A2.) DB 1-arm rows 3 10-15   None  
A3.) Pushups 3 AMAP   1:00 As many as possible
B1.) DB deadlifts 3 10   None  
B2.) DB bent over lateral raises 3 10   None  
B3.) Banded face pull 3 15-20   1:00  
C1.) Overhead Banded Deadbug 3 AMAP 1:00   :30 AMAP in 1:00
C2.) Banded Palov Press 3 10 R/L   None  
C3.) DB Good Mornings 3 10-15   1:00  

Day 2-

A1.) DB RDL’s 3 10-15   :30 Romanian deadlifts
A2.) DB Truck sits (wall sits) 3 :30   :30  
A3.) DB Goblet Squats 3 10-15   1:00  
B1.) DB Reverse Lunges 3 10 R/L   :30 10 reps each leg
B2.) DB step ups on step 3 :30   1:00  
B3.) Mini-band clamshells 3 10 R/L   1:00  
C1.) DB Glute thrusts 3 1:00   :30  
C2.) Bulgarian split squats 3 10-15   :30  
C3.) Side planks 3 :30   :30  

Day 3-

A1.) DB Z-Press 3 10   :30  
A2.) DB High Pull 3 10 R/L   :30  
A3.) Single Leg RDL 3 8 R/L   1:00  
B1.) DB Farmers Carry 3 3 trips   :30 3 trips around truck
B2.) Plank 3 :45-1:00   :45  
B3.) Thoracic rotations 3 10-15 R/L   1:00  
C1.) Overhead tricep extension 3 10   None  
C2.) DB Bent over rows 3 1:00   None  
C3.) DB Curls 3 10   None