Meal Prep

Meal Prep Tips/Tricks:

  1. Find 1-2 days of the week when you can grocery shop and cook your meals.
  2. Double or triple the recipe.
  3. Find recipes that incorporate some ingredients you already have (for instance- if you have whole wheat pasta find recipes that contain whole wheat pasta, if you have a lot of frozen chicken find recipes that contain chicken).
  4. Use meal planning websites/apps that will meet your needs.
    1. Yummly is a website that allows you to select recipes based on what you are looking for (low carb, high protein, quick and easy, slow cooker, etc.). Once you select the recipes, then yummly will create a grocery list. You can go through and remove the ingredients that you already have at home.
    2. Mealime is an app that you can download for free. You can select recipes based on if you follow a certain diet (vegan/vegetarian, low carb, gluten free, etc.). Once you select the recipes, it will create a grocery shopping list and you can select the ingredients that you already have at home so you don’t buy more ingredients than you need.
      1. I have used this app in the past and I have found it to be user friendly and the recipes were TASTY and NUTRITIOUS.
    3. Before you start cooking, GET ORGANIZED. Start by washing and cutting your fruits and vegetables. Then begin to cook according to the recipes instructions.
    4. Instead of putting leftovers into one big container, meal prep by using small containers. By putting your meal in individual containers, it allows you to grab your meal and go when you may have a busy day. Your meal will be portioned out to help decrease the chance of overeating.
      1. My favorite meal prepping containers to use are glass containers. These are perfect for microwaving. Since they are glass they are also easy to clean. The brand I use is Pyrex.
      2. You can also use plastic meal prep containers. These are easy to find on Amazon.
    5. Lastly, have fun with meal prepping! Maybe listen to music or a podcast while cooking. Remember, it gets easier the more you do it.


Overnight oats are my favorite breakfast to meal prep! These are quick and easy to prep before your busy week starts.

Overnight oats recipe is located on our breakfast tab.

Recipe- Overnight oats