Natural Ways to Boost your Energy

Feeling tired? Experiencing a post-meal slump?

Coffee or energy drinks may be the go-to for a boost of energy, but remember, it’s only short term! Here are some ways to help increase energy levels and get you feeling more energized! 

  1. B- Vitamins found in whole foods help produce energy from the foods you eat. Foods such as whole grain (oatmeal, whole-wheat bread) and legumes (beans, lentils) all are rich in B-vitamins for a great picker up!
  2. Eat more whole foods. Wait, aren’t all foods whole foods? Not necessarily. Whole foods are foods such as fruits and vegetables that come in their natural form, without being processed. These mightly whole foods contain rich antioxidants that fuel you up for a busy day!
  3. Move. Move. Move! Moving your body will increase your circulation, spreading your blood throughout your body. Don’t like running? Try a short walk. Don’t like sit-ups? Try yoga! The choice is all yours here!
  4. Fluids, fluids, fluids. We all hear that drinking water is good for you, but how exactly? Your body is made up of water and needs it to work properly. If water isn’t your cup of tea, then flavor it up with fruits, try tea, or sparkling water. The key is to try to stay away from energy drinks that only provide empty calories. Don’t let the marketing fool you, many labels on these drinks are very convincing!

Whatever you do, remember to be kind to your body. Get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet, and be physically active. A healthy life is a happy life!

Vanesa, Missouri State University Dietetic Intern.