The countdown 'til our next program is on!! "Simply fit" begins friday, May 1, and you're gonna wanna get in on the fun!!

What's Simply Fit? Healthy dinner meal prep recipes, interactive exercise videos, and easy weight loss strategies you can take on the road with you. Wherever you go, fitness and eating healthy can be simple, effective, and fun!! That's what Simply Fit is all about. More details to come. 

***Want to get healthy before the program? Give Matt or Sarah a call and let's get you started on an action plan!! Contact info is under the About DHF Tab. 

New Company Driver wellness program kicks off april, 2020!!

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Prime Driver Team Leads the Way in first annual Prime "Move Your Shoes" Challenge

The "Move Your Shoes" Challenge pitted our very own In-House Associates vs. Drivers in a walk/run challenge running from October 1st-October 31st. I'm thrilled to say that our Team of Prime Drivers won!! See the program totals from the competition below.

  • Total drivers: 65
  • Total miles walked for our drivers team: 2,375 miles!!!
  • Total miles walked for our in-house associates team: 1,354

Fantastic job to our participating drivers. 

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