Winter Warriors Program currently in progress until february 29, 2020. Stay tuned for our next program starting in Mid april!!

Everybody. Everyday. is a hit!

The Everybody. Everyday. Program was a great success in seeing 80 drivers lose a lot of weight and increase their weekly exercise routines by almost double what they had been in the beginning of the program!! I'm thrilled that so many busy drivers were able to fit just a few minutes of exercise into their schedule each day that allowed them to see that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle with busy schedules over the road. 


DOT Physical Reminder

DHF sends a Qualcomm message to each driver within 90 days of their DOT Physical expiring. Our hope with this message is to get you more involved in leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether you need encouragement to take your medications on time, lose weight or become 100% compliant with your CPAP, we are here to assist you in passing your physical.

Ask us to design you a personalized workout plan, to analyze your nutrition, or to provide you with ENDLESS amounts of inspiration! Tell us what you need from us, to make YOU, healthier. We are your support system!

To schedule your physical, please call Trinity Healthcare at 417-521-3925.

Prime Driver Team Leads the Way in first annual Prime "Move Your Shoes" Challenge

The "Move Your Shoes" Challenge pitted our very own In-House Associates vs. Drivers in a walk/run challenge running from October 1st-October 31st. I'm thrilled to say that our Team of Prime Drivers won!! See the program totals from the competition below.

  • Total drivers: 65
  • Total miles walked for our drivers team: 2,375 miles!!!
  • Total miles walked for our in-house associates team: 1,354

Fantastic job to our participating drivers. 

Free Services

Did you know that you have free personal trainer services available to you at our Pittston, PA and Springfield, MO locations?! Yes you heard that correctly. Usually having a trainer would cost anywhere in the vicinity of $40-$70 an hour to book for just an hour. Here at Prime though we want to give you the resources and tools to live healthier and happier lives. The Springfield terminal also offers free exercise classes as well! See the attached schedule for class list. 

To schedule your personal training sessions just reach out to the individuals listed below (Note: Salt Lake City will eventually offer these services once construction is completed)

Springfield, MO Terminal

Josh Luttrell: 1 (417) 521-3920 and

Johanna Norsic: 1 (417) 521-3920 and

Pittston, PA Terminal

Anita Lopresto: 1 (570) 602-4789 and

Salt Lake City, UT Terminal 

TBD- Stay Tuned!!

About The Driver Health Program

Join the Driver Health and Fitness Movement at Prime! This program is designed to give you the right information you need to know as a truck driver to protect yourself from obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is not the average, general information that everyone gets. This is information specific to you and your occupation that was developed right here at Prime.The Driver Health Program is an effort to make sure every driver at Prime is taking the steps necessary to create a happier, healthier life for you and your family. By taking part in this program, you can expect to learn the information necessary to implement small healthy steps in your daily life to ensure you meet your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. The goal is to have every driver at Prime VOLUNTARILY participate in the program to set an example for all of America that it is possible to be healthy within an unhealthy industry. Prime cares about its drivers and Prime drivers care about each other so lets build each other up in the fight against obesity and start living happier and healthier lives today!
Informational speeches are given weekly at the Friday morning safety meeting in the main terminal from 8-9am, and in the new driver orientation from 8:30-9am Wednesday mornings at the Campus Inn. You can also follow our program exclusively by joining our Facebook group, “Prime Driver Health and Fitness.”


Future programs-Dates to Know

Everybody. Everyday. program---November 11-december 23
winter warrior program---january 20-February 29